An Introduction to Visual Narrative: A Gallery Workshop

Saturday October 29, 2022 — Art Gallery of Ontario



This workshop introduces learners to a spectrum of ways of engaging with visual art in an art museum context. Through exercises of close looking, guided drawing, and reflection, learners will approach art via its basic utterances of colour, line, and pattern to develop an appreciation of forms of expression and witnessing. Through an exploration of narrative artwork, learners will also develop a relationship to visual story-telling and its value for professional and personal growth. The workshop combines practices of relational aesthetics and graphic medicine to enrich learners’ visual literacy, capacity for reflection, and appreciation for the relevance of visual art to the practice of medicine.

This day-long workshop will be facilitated by Eva-Marie Stern and Shelley Wall who are specialists in arts-based medical education.


This workshop will address learners’ needs for:

  • mental and emotional flexibility
  • awareness of preconceptions/biases
  • practice in disrupting assumptions
  • alternatives to judgment/self-judgment through fostering reflective capacity
  • observational acuity/visual literacy


Through viewing, describing, discussing, and creating visual art, learners will:

  • practice alternative ways of perceiving
  • develop a vocabulary to articulate what they see
  • practice variations in narrative approach to “change the story”
  • reflect on their cognitive and affective responses to visual images and narrative
  • practice art-making as a means of understanding and reflection


Course Fee: $425+HST


Cancellations will be accepted until October 21, 2022 and are subject to a processing fee of $60 plus applicable taxes. Refunds will not be processed after this date.

Requests for cancellation must be made in writing to .

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Program / Agenda

10am – 12pm
  • Group A (10 participants) – with Eva-Marie Stern
  • Group B (10 participants) – with Shelley Wall
12pm – 1pm Lunch break
1pm – 3pm
  • Group A (10 participants) – with Shelley Wall
  • Group B (10 participants) – with Eva-Marie Stern
3pm – 3:15pm Break
3:15pm – 4:15pm Full-group discussion and debrief