Half Day Master ClassPracticing Narrative-Based Medicine In Real Life

Saturday November 19 2022 (Digital Masterclass)


Guided creative writing sessions for health professionals


Join us for a deeper dive into the practical applications of Narrative-Based Medicine for your patients, for your practice, for yourself.

Part I – When the Story Gets Blocked – An Introduction to Narrative-based Balint Groups (Michael Roberts)

Learn about the fascinating history of Balint Groups, appreciate what makes for a successful group process and engage in a mock Narrative Medicine Balint Group to discover the power and vital importance of reflective writing group practice in this first part of the Master Class. Participants will be asked to bring the story of a patient/client encounter that got derailed and we will explore together how to get the story back on track.

Part II – Expressive Writing – How To Encourage Patients/Clients to Write About Their Healthcare Experiences (Allan Peterkin)

In Part 2 of the Master Class, learn tried and true practical strategies to invite our patients/clients to write about their experiences through an onsite exercise. Dr. Peterkin will discuss his writing group with HIV positive patients that led to a patient publication.

Part III – Further Strategies for Collaborative Story-telling with Patients/Clients

In this final part of the Master class, each Participant will be asked to share one practical clinical strategy they have tried (or would like to try) in order to receive a patient’s story rather than take a history and ways to keep building the story collaboratively over time. Illustrations of the use of poetry and bibliotherapy will be shared.

Learning Objectives

  • Foster personal and professional wellness and resilience through a narrative-based balint group
  • Identify practical ways to integrate narrative-based medicine into patient care
  • Strategies and practice in ‘receiving’ a patient’s story rather than taking a history


Course Fee: $490+HST


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