Self-Compassion and Self-Empathy: Mindfulness Meditation in Life and Professional Practice

October 22, 2022 10am-1pm (Digital Workshop)



This two-part workshop explores different aspects of mindfulness and approaches to reflection, well-being and resilience. Each 1. 5 hour session will help learners develop an enhanced understanding of the link between mindfulness and resilience. Practical tools and resources will also be shared. The workshops will be taught by Bill Gayner and Sarah Kim, two experienced clinicians and mindfulness practitioners.

Part 1 – Deepening Self-Compassion and Self-empathy

In the first half of the workshop, participants will learn how to deepen self-compassion and self-empathy to better navigate challenging feelings in meditation and life. Activities will include an introductory talk, meditation, journaling and discussing the meditation experience. Newcomers to meditation will learn a gentle, welcoming form of meditation, while more experienced meditators will discover ways to expand and refresh their practice.

Part 2 – Embodied Mindfulness and Narrative Medicine

In the second half of the workshop, participants will be introduced to embodied mindfulness techniques as narrative explorations. They will examine the way they think about different forms of attention and how this shapes their experience and influences communication, both with themselves and others.


Participants will learn about, experientially explore, and be able to describe how self-compassion and self-empathy:

  1. Can be integrated more deeply into mindfulness meditation
  2. Are inter-related ingredients for cultivating genuine relationships with self, others and world
  3. Are well supported through silent, unguided meditation


Course Fee: $385+HST


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