Advanced: Requirements

Advanced Certificate Requirements


All learners who have successfully completed the requirements for the Foundational Certificate are eligible to continue their studies towards the Advanced Certificate.

Program faculty are available for an intake consultation to discuss an individualized plan of study tailored to the learner’s interests and goals.

Learners who have successfully completed the requirements for the Advanced Certificate may submit a request (with a list of completed electives) to receive the Advanced Certificate.

Certificate Requirements & Structure:

In order to be eligible to receive the Advanced Certificate, learners must complete:

  1. Pre-requisite Foundational Certificate (40 hours)
  2. Approved electives (40 hours)
  3. Independent Study Capstone Project under supervision of NBM faculty member (20 hours)

Learners may choose to take any of the workshops, short programs, special sessions, and activities in any of the areas offered (see above). Electives must be completed within 3 years of beginning the Advanced Certificate (i.e. enrollment in your first elective).

Independent Study Capstone Project

The Independent Study Capstone Project offers participants the opportunity to explore a topic of interest to them by completing a longer project in NBM under the supervision of a faculty member. It may be creative, reflective, curriculum-based, or scholarly.

Total: 100 hours