Programs & Workshops Fall 2022

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Foundation in Narrative-Based Medicine (Certificate Program)

Jointly led by an expert in narrative-based medicine and an accomplished writer, both of whom have extensive experience working with health professionals, this intensive program is taught in two parts: the first focuses on the theory and practice of narrative-based medicine, with the second seeking to improve learners’ creative and reflective skills as writers and readers.

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Advanced Certificate in Narrative-Based Medicine

Build upon your foundation in Narrative-Based Medicine through the Advanced Certificate in Narrative-Based Medicine. This new offering allows learners to continue exploring their interest in narrative-based medicine through workshops, short programs, special sessions and activities in a wide range of topics and arts based modalities.

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Workshops, Short Programs, Special Sessions and Activities

Winter/Spring 2023 Offerings
Part of the advanced certificate these offerings may be taken on their own.

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