Lisa Mitchell, Geriatrician and participant of Writing Health-Themed Articles in winter 2023, asks us to reflect on stereotypes surrounding older age and ageing through the lens of an children’s television show in this piece for The Conversation.

Posted: Monday November 13, 2023

Carrie Bernard, Assistant Professor in the Department of Family & Community Medicine at the University of Toronto and Foundational Certificate alum, reflects on caring for patients in the ICU during the COVID-19 pandemic in this creative piece published in the CMAJ on National Physicians’ Day.

Posted: Monday May 1, 2023

Daniel Rayson, medical oncologist and alum of our Foundational Certificate, reflects on the physician-patient relationship in “Cardio-Oncology.” Journal of Clinical Oncology

Posted: Friday September 10, 2021

In this piece in CFP, family physician and Foundational Certificate alum Amita Dayal reflects on practicing medicine during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Posted: Sunday September 5, 2021

Jennifer Blake, Adjunct Professor of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at the University of Toronto and alum of our Foundational Certificate has a poem published in the anthology: Poetry for Sexual and Reproductive Justice. Read her poem “Infertile” here.

Posted: Sunday September 5, 2021

Conor McDonnell’s debut poetry collection, Recovery Community, was published in early 2021. Exploring the connections between trauma, illness, and loss, the poems in this collection meditate on doubt, conflict, and resilience. McDonnell is a pediatric anesthesiologist at The Hospital for Sick Children and alum of our Foundational Certificate. Read more from the publisher.

Posted: Sunday February 14, 2021