About Narrative Based Medicine

Narrative-based medicine is premised on the understanding that, knowingly and unknowingly, practitioners and patients together construct narratives over the course of their encounters; that these stories – with their multiple characters, conflicts and desires, subtleties and miscommunications – affect the nature and meaning of health events in all our lives; and that getting better at working with stories of all kinds has a powerful impact on both patient care and physician fulfilment.

Our Programs & Workshops

The Mudroom: Guided Creative Workshops for Health Professionals

This monthly workshop offers inspiration and support for health professionals interested in exploring creative and reflective writing.

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Digital Certificate Program

An intensive program introduces the theory and practice of narrative-based medicine. It is Canada’s only virtual intensive certificate program in narrative-based clinical practice.

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Resilience in Practice

A workshop series that explores personal and professional resiliency through the work (and wisdom) of clinician – writers.

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Customized Program

Team Narrative is pleased to collaborate with you to design customized learning experiences that explore narrative-based medicine topics.

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Team Narrative

Team Narrative is a collective of educators across clinical and humanities disciplines at the University of Toronto who offer lectures and workshops on the role of working with stories in learning and health-related encounters. These sessions are designed to help improve reflective capacity, narrative competence, visual literacy and critical thinking, while emphasizing learner resilience and self-care.